Friday, November 27, 2009

Making some time finally

I have been down (with the flu last week and work) but not out.. I have been watching and have watched a lot of movies after my last review which was like almost a year ago but I hope to be regular.. have watched a few good movies off late and I will start putting in my thoughts.. till then.. adios..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kung-fu Panda kicks ass

Right from the first scene.. the dreamworks animation with the kung-fu moves made me sit up and I realized that it was not going to be just any other animation movie and I was not wrong.. Kung-fu Panda is all about a noodle eating (and selling cause he works in the noodle shop run by his father, a goose called Ping) panda called Po, who is mistakenly chosen as the next dragon warrior.. Po knows that he is a complete misfit for this and except Master Oogway, nobody ever thinks that he is anywhere close to being a dragon warrior which includes the furious five - Tigress, monkey, mantis, snake and crane and also Oogway's successor Master Shifu. They hurt and insult Po and do everything to make him quit..but Po's chance meeting with Oogway under the peach tree of wisdom makes him to stay on and he becomes resilient.. in the meanwhile, there is Tai Lung, the snow leopard warrior who was once a student of the same school but had to be arrested because of his greed for fame and of course the famed dragon scroll.. Tai Lung somehow manages to escape from Prison guarded by a force of 1000 armed rhino's and heads straight back to fight and take the scroll.. in the meanwhile, Shifu's initial hatred for Po changes to a sense of responsibility after his problem of searching for inner peace is solved by Oogway who then proceeds to heaven handing over the responsibility to Shifu.. Shifu takes it upon himself to somehow train Po and finds out that the greatest motivator for Po is "food".. so he uses food and trains Po.. Po learns well but then in that time the furious five try to stop Tai Lung but are unable to.. he just disables them and heads straight for Shifu.. by that time the dragon scroll has been handed over to Po.. Po opens the scroll and in it is nothing..just a mere reflection..eventually he connects the dots when he asks his father about the secret ingredient to the noodle soup that his dad prepares and has been bragging about and his dad says there is no secret ingredient.. He explains that things become special when people believe them to be special and that is when Po heads back to Shifu.. there Shifu is already being beaten and bruised by an enraged Tai Lung who is not able to find the dragon scroll.. the final showdown between Tai Lung and Po is funny but amazing.. Po, of course, wins the war and even uses the "Wuxi finger hold" on Tai Lung which creates an effect of an atom bomb..literally.. Po is proclaimed master and even the furious five are in agreement.. I have never watched an animation movie with so much excitement for quite sometime.. the last one that I really enjoyed was Finding Nemo..

The animation in this movie is tremendous and of course kudo's to the actors who have lent their voices for all the characters.. Jack Black (remember "School of Rock"?) as Po is just way too good.. and so is everybody else..

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie.. it definitely makes sense to all of us..

Master Oogway to Po: You are too concerned about what was and what will be. There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

Oogway: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Some funny ones..

Shifu: [after having dragged Po up the mountain and said Panda is trying to cool down] Panda, we do not wash our pits in the Pool of Sacred Tears.
Po: [quickly shakes his hand off] The Pool of-?
Shifu: This is where Oogway unraveled the mysteries of harmony and focus. This is the birth place of kung fu.
[Po is shocked, and it shows a glimpse of Oogway before Shifu jumps up to a giant rock]
Shifu: Do you want to learn kung fu?
Po: Yah!
Shifu: Then I *am* your master!
Po: Okay!
Shifu: Don't cry.
Po: Okay.
[wipes his nose and smiles]

Po: I just ate, so I'm still digesting, so my kung fu may not be as good as later on.

Watch this one.. this is one hell of a complete family entertainer and I bet you will love it :-)

Animation weekend on my new home theatre system

I finally got my new home theatre system after doing a real convincing act with my wife (not sure if she is still ok with it though but the sale is done :-)) and watched two animation movies this week on it.. "Kung fu Panda" and "The incredibles".. I must say I loved watching both of these truly amazing movies.. will be writing about both in my next post..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seval - typical Hari potboiler

Seval is your typical hari potboiler.. it is set in the pretty village of Sivasailam (Tirunelveli district), again Hari's favorite locale.. the movie begins with a bearded Bharath coming out of the Palamyakotai reminded me of Karthik coming out of the prison in Varsham 16..dont know why :-) then we again do a rewind of the wayward ways of Bharath (Murugesan) who does not have a care in the world, is happy drinking cheap country liquour and is accompanied by his uncle, thabaal thangavelu (played by who else but vadivel) and creates a ruckus.. his father for one hates him for his careless ways but is never able to change him.. but as they say and atleast show in all tamil movies, the entry of a girl changes even the baddest baddie in to a softie.. and that is exactly what happens to Bharath when he sets his eyes on Parijatham (played by debutante Poonam Bajwa).. Simran as Poonam's sister has not been exploited fully.. it was pretty brave though of Poonam to get her head shaved for the movie.. shows that some traditions are still alive in villages..finally Bharath changes for the better for goes to jail for killing the villain and we come back to the present where he is welcomed back home by his father who finally realizes that his son though way ward is a nice guy by heart.. and of course Poonam's hair is all grown back :-) and she is still waiting for Bharath.. which is quite predictable.. this is a typical typical Hari masala mix with all the elements thrown in..again you can watch it for timepass..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One more post to go..

I have yet another post to write about.. Seval.. Seval in tamil is rooster..another typical Hari potboiler..will be blogging about it soon..

Muniyandi vilangiyal moondram aandu - mixed masala curry

Well, I could not find a better term for this movie other than this.. Thirumurugan, the small screen hit director of one of the longest running soaps on tamil tv, "metti oli" is back with his second directorial venture (after em magan), with this movie..(disclaimer - I will refer to this movie as MVMA as the name is too long to be typed out everytime). MVMA as em magan is again set against a rural backdrop and is the story of muniyandi alias muni, enacted effectively by Bharath, who is a college student.. Bharath's father (played by ponvannan), tries his best to protect his son against getting involved in any kind of violence as he is afraid of loosing him like his first son, who got involved in college politics.. As expected, Bharath falls for Poorna, the local goon's daughter but she turns him down.. an infuriated Bharath, without knowing the background earns his attendance in the bad books of the goon.. in between we have the lecherous Sampath who would do anything to get his hands on the girl he wants.. the role suits Sampath really well and he essays it to perfection.. Vadivelu as a magician does not evoke much laughter.. there could have been more concentration on his role.. Poorna does her role well.. Finally the movie ends on a good note as expected.. and they lived happily ever after :-) on the whole it is a complete masala pot boiler and Thirumurgan has managed to keep the masala spicy and hot..

Watch it purely for time pass :-)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Will be back in a few days..

Been busy with some very early work timings and my yoga therapy classes so have not managed to watch any movies.. I did manage to see a tamil film though "Muniyandi Vilangayil Moondram Aandu" :-) which I shall blog about.. I should be seeing some more movies this weekend so lots to write and will do that soon..till then.. take care and be good when needed :-)